V8skan at the Nobel Museum

V8skan has been developed by artist Per Hüttner in collaboration with the Turkish curator Fatos Üstek and focuses on eight laureates in chemistry, physics, medicine, economics, and literature 1927-2009. The work draws inspiration from popular science and board games in order to suggest a new interface for visits to the museum and novel ways to discover the Nobel laureates’ discoveries and philosophies.

The project is made up of eight specially designed briefcases that offer a starting point for a collaborative process. Each briefcase has been created for a group of 2-6 people and the visitor can choose which laureate to work with based on their personal interests. Together the members of group develop thoughts and discussions with the starting point in a given laureate and his/her universe.

During the month of May 2015, you can try V8skan every Tuesday at 5.15 the Nobel Museum (free entrance.)

With V8skan Hüttner continues his research into how performance art can revitalise academic and scientific representation and gives the audience the opportunity to participate in artistic and scientific performance.

V8skan provides an excellent opportunity to meet a group of friends, colleagues or family for an experience that generates conversation and exchange. Together you will have the opportunity to rediscover each other at the same time as you find out more about the discoveries of an important artist or scientist.

For the preview on April 16 Hüttner will present the project and how he has developed the project. You will also have the opportunity to try one of the briefcases. The presentation will be in English.

V8skan is at the Nobel Museum from April 16.
Nobelmuseet, Stortorget 2, Gamla Stan, 103 16 Stockholm, Sweden

V8skan is supported by Längmanska kulturfonden and Stockholm stad.