Deptocratic Identities, Performative Networkings in Berlin

Long term Vision Forum member Cecilia Ahlqvist is creating a new particpatory performance for Deptocratic Identities, Performative Networkings in Berlin.

Netting the Work is a project that merges performative interventions, political insecurities, psychological frameworks and a process-oriented timeline both in Berlin (DE) and Besançon (FR) during the MPA-B in May and Excentricités Performance Festival in April respectively.

It is an experimental journey, a constitutive organism made of gestures related to locational, national and international artistic identities through the prism of illusions, disillusions and a priori convictions or uncertainties.

It is an embedded experience based on the examination of notions such as “Networking” in the context of political, financial and industrial practices, whilst examining the Artistic Identity as a cipher for the evolution of one’s “Self” connected to a globalised nowhere. 

During the project artists from the North and South of Deptocratic Europe are going to perform, attempting to relate their physical displacement, the subjective view of specific surroundings and their impact. The variation in artistic expression induced by changing spaces and travelling using performative modes, will allow them to attempt a translation and transformation of the complex reality of multiculturalism through Displacement and Networking.