When Did You Last Support Good Tentacle Porn and Sexist Free Monsters?

Vision forum member Lo-Fi Cherry is a Berlin based independent porn producer and now you can support her work. She gives workshops in porn scriptwriting and feminist strategies connected to porn work. The feminist tentacle porn is produced as 5-10 minutes long episodes. Exploring different ways to express feminine bodies and desires through surrealism, science-fiction, monster references, obscenity and humour. The feminist tentacle porn

… is science-fiction porn starring a female sex predator
… highlights the monster fun qualities of the female body
… puts female sensations and desires over beauty

The Japanese sub-genre ”tentacle porn" has developed several ideas of what counts as a tentacle. Octopuses, cyborg-arms, alien limbs, hair, branches and roots. The thing they have in common is the fact that they all try to look and act like a human penis.

Lo-Fi Cherry calls for the rise of an equally predatory monster as the ones existing in traditional tentacle porn, but equipped with tentacles referring to female anatomy. Don't miss this opportunity!