At Verkstad: Ida Pettersson - LAKE VOSTOK

At Verkstad in Norrköping:

An exhibition by Ida Pettersson: LAKE VOSTOK - Earth, an angel, a rock of ruby, a huge bull, Bahamut, water, darkness.

“Lake Vostok lies deep below the surface, in an eternal darkness it has remained hidden for millions of years. But now the seal has been broken. What's below the surface or on the other side of the sea bed?”

In a solo exhibition at Verkstad artist Ida Pettersson a series of drawings, gouaches and a video work. The project centres around the mysterious place Lake Vostok, a freshwater lake under a glacier in Antarctica located under the Russian research station Vostok. The artist takes on the various statements, both scientific and mythical, that circulate about the lake.

The Exhibition is open to the public March 9 – April 14, Private View Saturday March 9, 12-17.