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The Disembodied Voice @ Bökship in London

The Disembodied Voice presents an evening of presentations exploring relationships between architecture and objects and the voice. The event will include works in process by members of The Disembodied Voice research group and a lecture by Michiel Huijben titled ‘Becoming a Building’, ending with an open discussion.

The Disembodied Voice is a collaborative research project which sets out to investigate the relationship between the disembodied voice and contemporary visual culture. The group includes Maia Conran, Patrick Coyle, Karen Di Franco and Kihlberg & Henry.

The Disembodied Voice collaborative research project is initiated and co-ordinated by Karin Kihlberg & Reuben Henry.

Thursday 18 June 2015
The Disembodied Voice ((Recording, 10am – 4pm))
Public Talk, 6 – 8pm
X Marks the Bökship

Consonants at Block Universe in London

Vision Forum node Consonants participate in the first year of Block Universe in London. Block Universe brings together a new wave of cutting-edge performance art at the cross-section of visual art, dance and music, activating major institutions and venues throughout London over the course of a week. Venue partners include Fig.2 / ICA, Royal Academy of Arts, Somerset House and unique off-site venues such as Stationers Hall and the Art Workers Guild amongst others.

Block Universe ’s goal is to create a long-term, sustained engagement with performance art through commissioning and creating opportunities to present performance in London. We aim to support growth within the UK, whilst inviting an exciting selection of artists from abroad, some showing in London for the first time. To help achieve this international outlook, Block Universe has partnered with The Kitchen, New York’s historic venue for experimental performance. In the first iteration of this ongoing exchange, we will show the work of Ellie Ga, also her UK premiere. Block Universe will also extend its life through a series of performances at the Medellín Museum of Modern Art, Colombia in the fall.

Assured Stability in Shanghai

Vision Forum is proud to present a new collaboration between Sweden, Norway and China that forms a part of the project Inside Out.

When Li Xiaofei talks to industrial workers. They often express that there is an “assured stability." They mean that there is stable employment, medical care, pension - everything is secured. Their point of view might seem superficial at first glance, but behind this expression of a human desire we find a deeply rooted anxiety about how to survive.

"Assured Stability"— the clear and yet somewhat mundane words possess a sense of universality. We all understand and share the dream of tomorrow remaining bright and trouble free. Still, there is another side to the words that suggest that each individual only becomes a part of an economical system, a cog in a wheel of a seemingly meaningless giant machine of society. And that image can slowly eat its way into our consciousness like a virus. Maybe we find ourselves in a situation where everything has improved on the surface and yet our lives have become empty and meaningless?

When Did You Last Support Good Tentacle Porn and Sexist Free Monsters?

Vision forum member Lo-Fi Cherry is a Berlin based independent porn producer and now you can support her work. She gives workshops in porn scriptwriting and feminist strategies connected to porn work. The feminist tentacle porn is produced as 5-10 minutes long episodes. Exploring different ways to express feminine bodies and desires through surrealism, science-fiction, monster references, obscenity and humour. The feminist tentacle porn

… is science-fiction porn starring a female sex predator
… highlights the monster fun qualities of the female body
… puts female sensations and desires over beauty

The Japanese sub-genre ”tentacle porn" has developed several ideas of what counts as a tentacle. Octopuses, cyborg-arms, alien limbs, hair, branches and roots. The thing they have in common is the fact that they all try to look and act like a human penis.

Lo-Fi Cherry calls for the rise of an equally predatory monster as the ones existing in traditional tentacle porn, but equipped with tentacles referring to female anatomy. Don't miss this opportunity!

V8skan at the Nobel Museum

V8skan has been developed by artist Per Hüttner in collaboration with the Turkish curator Fatos Üstek and focuses on eight laureates in chemistry, physics, medicine, economics, and literature 1927-2009. The work draws inspiration from popular science and board games in order to suggest a new interface for visits to the museum and novel ways to discover the Nobel laureates’ discoveries and philosophies.

The project is made up of eight specially designed briefcases that offer a starting point for a collaborative process. Each briefcase has been created for a group of 2-6 people and the visitor can choose which laureate to work with based on their personal interests. Together the members of group develop thoughts and discussions with the starting point in a given laureate and his/her universe.

During the month of May 2015, you can try V8skan every Tuesday at 5.15 the Nobel Museum (free entrance.)

Deptocratic Identities, Performative Networkings in Berlin

Long term Vision Forum member Cecilia Ahlqvist is creating a new particpatory performance for Deptocratic Identities, Performative Networkings in Berlin.

Netting the Work is a project that merges performative interventions, political insecurities, psychological frameworks and a process-oriented timeline both in Berlin (DE) and Besançon (FR) during the MPA-B in May and Excentricités Performance Festival in April respectively.

It is an experimental journey, a constitutive organism made of gestures related to locational, national and international artistic identities through the prism of illusions, disillusions and a priori convictions or uncertainties.

It is an embedded experience based on the examination of notions such as “Networking” in the context of political, financial and industrial practices, whilst examining the Artistic Identity as a cipher for the evolution of one’s “Self” connected to a globalised nowhere. 

During the project artists from the North and South of Deptocratic Europe are going to perform, attempting to relate their physical displacement, the subjective view of specific surroundings and their impact. The variation in artistic expression induced by changing spaces and travelling using performative modes, will allow them to attempt a translation and transformation of the complex reality of multiculturalism through Displacement and Networking.