Per Hüttner at Les Borealis 2012

A true explorer, Per Hüttner investigates a great variety of mediums and cultures in his artistic practice. His work draws from constant travel and from his Swedish origins. Interested in the connections between art, science and society the artist develops exchanges with specialists and researchers from various fields worldwide in the search for knowledge and a deeper understanding of the world that surrounds us. For the exhibition La cámera horloge (The Time Keeping Camera) Hüttner re-investigates photographic work from 2004-07 that looks at the temporal limits of photography and how objects can be used for other purposes than what they were originally intended for. Hüttner also shows a video from 2010 about a father who looses his son in a negative dimension. Le Radar is proud to introduce his work for the 2012 Les Boréales festival. More info here and here.

24, rue des cuisiniers
14400 Bayeux
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