David Roberts Art Foundation - A HOUSE OF LEAVES - SECOND MOVEMENT

David Roberts Art Foundation is opening the Second Movement of A House of Leaves.

A House of Leaves is an exhibition conceived as a symphony in three movements and an epilogue. Each movement is constructed around one key work from the collection: After Echo VIII from 2007 by Louise Bourgeois (First Movement), Fuji from 1996 by Gerhard Richter structures the Second Movement and allows for an entirely new exhibition.

A House of Leaves references US writer Mark Z. Danielewski's novel, in which a house is impossible to measure as its interior dimensions become larger than its exterior. A House of Leaves tells multiple narratives and asks its viewer to become co-author in order to present a collective effort to define an art form - in this instance the contemporary art museum, from its collection, displays, special commissions and loans, to its educational and interpretation system.

A House of Leaves (15 November 2012 - 17 January 2013) is an exhibition curated by DRAF's director and curator Vincent Honoré. It includes works and special interventions by Sara Barker, Phyllida Barlow, Nina Beier, Karla Black, Bram Bogart, Carol Bove, Ben Cain, Varda Caivano, Luis Camnitzer, Marieta Chirulescu, Keith Coventry, Tony Cragg, Jason Dodge, Alex Dordoy, Nikolas Gambaroff, Gary Hume, Ian Law, George Henry Longly, Marie Lund, Benoît Maire, Victor Man, Kris Martin, Katy Moran, Anselm Reyle, Manuela Ribadeneira, Gerhard Richter, Pietro Roccasalva, David Schutter, Adam Thompson, Lesley Vance, Gary Webb, Lawrence Weiner, and Alison Wilding.

The same day we will launch Fig. 5. an Academy, an Opera and Other Fictions. Fig. 5 arises from DRAF's continuing interest to test various modalities of knowledge-production inside a contemporary art institution. It emerged from the basic question: should DRAF be a site for education and, if so, what would education in this context mean? Fig. 5 takes the form of a free "academy" with three courses (DRAF course, Vision Forum course and FormContent course) and a blog conceived by Nicoletta Lambertucci and Alex Ross. Titled The Inclusion, the blog operates as a forum and a platform for the discussions triggered by Fig. 5. http://theinclusion.tumblr.com
 Special partner for the education: Cura Magazine

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