Le Jardin de la Spéculation Cosmique - In Istanbul

Le Jardin de la Spéculation Cosmique

18.10 – 17.11.2012
Curator: Fatoş ÜSTEK
Artists:  Haluk AKAKÇE, Hussein CHALAYAN, Arik LEVY, Serkan ÖZKAYA & George L.LEGENDRE, Ali Emir TAPAN, Evren TEKİNOKTAY, Elif URAS, Nil YALTER

Le Jardin de la Spéculation Cosmique (Garden of Cosmic Speculation) emerges as a garden composed of artistic content. A garden of speculation on the nature of cosmos already exists in South West Scotland and is formulated by landscape architect and theorist Charles Jenks. The translations of cosmic compositions such as solitons, black holes, fractals appear as objects and installations in large scale on custom shaped trees, ponds and earth. The exhibition Le Jardin de la Spéculation Cosmique shares the same name with Jenks’ garden, yet it differs in kind. Following a counter-action to that of Jenks’ illustrative attitude in fabricating its cosmic speculative nature: the exhibition gathers positions that produce further the existing, the given.

The pieces trigger a conceptual beyond, rather than displaying illustrations of cosmos. They differ in kind from one other in their aesthetic manifestation and subject matter; yet they conceive acts of furthering the given, the existing. Those additional dimensions constitute the cosmic fabrication of speculation. The garden as a metaphor for an exhibition marks the structure of its constellation, as well as its mental space. An exhibition akin to that of a garden is a specification of conscious selection and exclusion of things, an organisation on an intellectual level; it contains many worldviews and relations at play. Le Jardin de la Spéculation emerges as an experience succeeded by the encounter of its viewer. The exhibition, hence, brings forth a multitude, a heterogeneous togetherness of distinct bodies of work in a constellation that of which formulates an imaginary garden.