Who Is Who in Vision Forum

Vision Forum is a network of visual artists and curators from Europe who work together with creators in film, music, dance, theatre, literature along with researchers in the humanities and sciences. Together we are between 50-100 people engaged in research, production and education. We work towards having a totally horizontal organisation where the creators and researchers together develop the program of the organisation.

Artist Per Hüttner is the director of the organisation since 2009. Konstantin Economou has been our primary collaborator at Linköpings university since the beginning. We currently collaborate with Fatos Üstek, Claire Louise Staunton, Anders Paulin, Sara Giannini, Susanne Ewerlöf, 98weeks, Assabil libraries, Enough Room for Space and Mauricio Dwek who run nodes in collaboration with us. You will find who participates in each node by clicking on the links under "Current Vision Forum Projects" in the top left corner of this page.

Most of us are based in Europe and we often collaborate with institutions and creators in Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas. Find out more by browsing our blog and looking at the previous projects we have organised and the catalogues that document them. You find them in the left column of this page. Enjoy!