New Vision Forum Node on Education: Tomorrow’s Art Audience

Tomorrow’s Art Audience is for our younger audience and support for the future of art. The goal of this project is to improve conditions both for educators as well as children and young people to facilitate learning and enjoyment with contemporary art. We know that there are great human resources available, but how do we liberate these when there are no tools and networks to develop this potential? Tomorrow’s Art Audience develops and supports:
- Collection of existing ideas and methods for working with contemporary art.
- Innovation: to create and disseminate new methods for working with contemporary art.
- Networking: creating links between existing creative islands.
- Internationalization: linking knowledge and experience from across Europe.

Vision Forum, 

Linköping University and Curatorial Mutiny together develop an education tool that will allow both children and educators to deepen their curiosity and creativity. With Tomorrow’s Art Audience children work together with educators, teachers, artists, art historians, curators and researchers .We deliberately mix different age and focus on polyphonic learning where teachers and young people learn together of art and moves the focus from external confirmation to the inner satisfaction.

Tomorrow’s Art Audience is currently developing a website that is primarily developed for Nordic children and educators.