Vision Forum Autumn Meeting 2014

KSM and Vision Forum welcome you to our annual Vision Forum Autumn meeting. This year, we will focus on how to formulate problematics and how this process is similar and different in the arts and sciences. We are particularly happy that the program will coincide with the opening of this year’s Norrköping Air residents' Quynh Vantu, Vijai Patchineelam and Vanja Sandell Billström exhibitions at Verkstad, The museum of Forgetting and various public spaces. The meeting will take place September 25 and 26. Please find the program below. All events are free of charge and open to the public.

September 25

9.30 - 16.30
Visit to Finspång. We will meet at
9.30 at Skvallertorget, Norrköping and return to Norrköping by 16.30. (Booking is required! Contact Mattias Åkeson: mattias.akeson (at) to join.) The presentation will include Claudia Squitieri from Paris speaking about her work with OuUnPo in Sicily, Philipp Messner from Siemens in Munich talking about their support for church architecture and Mårten Hafström talking about the future of culture in Finspång. On the way back we stop in Skärblacka where Cecilia Ahlqvist gives a special tour of the Art Island.

Preview and presentations of work by Quynh Vantu, Vijai Patchineelam and Vanja Sandell Billström at Verkstad.

An ambient set by Dungeon Acid at Verkstad.

September 26

10.00 -15.00 Seminar and lectures at  Norrköping konstmuseum on how to formulate problematics. Contributions by William Stafford, Marjolijn Dijkman, Erik Berggren, Viktorija Siaulyte, Mahmoud Keshavarz and Vijai Patchineelam.

10.00 - William Stafford on the scientific method and experiences in music.
10.45 -  Erik Berggren on the project 'Is this the Time for Art?'
11.30 -  Marjolijn Dijkman on her artistic practice.


13.30 Film screening by Vijai Patchineelam.
14.00-15.00 Viktorija Siaulyte and Mahmoud Keshavarz talk about their work in relationship to Vijai Patchineelam's film.
The events are organised in collaboration with KSM at Linköpings universitet and Östsam.

Norrköping Air is supported by Norrköpings kommun, IASPIS and this year's public presentations by Statens kulturråd.