OuUnPonian Elena Nemkova at Manifesta in Saint Petersburg

OuUnPonian Elena Nemkova participates in BLKNZM SAINT PETERSBURG, a parallel events Program of MANIFESTA 10, Saint Petersburg, 2014. It is a (virtual) exhibition about – but not on – balconies. The threshold between public and private, earth and sky, reality and imagination. The term BLKNZM(from balconism) rings a bell but you are not sure exactly why. Was it an obscure political or artistic movement from the past? Or is it a new Internet meme?
BLKNZM is a virtual exhibition Downlodable here, a potential tour around the city of Saint Petersburg. It occupies no public or private physical space. Visitors can look for the balconies and read/listen to the illustrated stories these locations have inspired. Of course people anywhere in the world can also see/hear/read the works prepared by the artist-authors. These are just a few of the possible intriguing tales hidden behind the balconies and windows of this amazing city.

Other works by Francesco Bonami, Jota Castro, Gabriele Di Matteo (& IL TOPO), Nathalie Du Pasquier, Barnaba Fornasetti & Valeria Manzi, Jay C Lohmann, Adrian Paci, Steve Piccolo, Christoph Radl, George Sowden and Bert Theis.