Vision Forum Spring Meeting - March 11-12, 2014.

Vision Forum cordially invites you to participate in this year's spring meeting in Norrköping and Linköping in collaboration with KSM at Linköpings universitet, Östsam and Flygvapenmuseet in Linköping. The session will focus on how creators can nurture human and inter-human qualities in the face of the (disintegrating?) welfare state. The participants will reflect on questions about how technology and human mobility has changed ideas of wealth distribution, solidarity and discuss if there are new ways deal with/counteract or resolve these questions.

Participants will travel from Germany, Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Belgium, Holland, the US and the UK to shed light on these urgent problematics and will talk about projects as far afield as Cameroon, Haiti and Ghana.


9.00 Meeting at Skvallertorget, Norrköping

9.15 Coach leaves for Flygvapenmuseet
10.00 Matilda Bengtsson will introduce the exhibition on Åke Hodell and the collection at the museum.

Presentations by:
- Åslög Enoksson on women, sexuality and pleasure
- Wooloo with Sara Giannini on work in Haiti and the Launch Ramp project in Stockholm
- Collaborative concert by international collective Animans.

Return to Norrköping

19.30- late
Party at Et:cetera in collaboration with Verkstad and with music by Samuel Castro and Old Spares (who might also appear when you least expect it).



presentations by: 
Vanja Sandell-Billström - Work in progress: ”Isn’t it all there?" is a film project that derives from reflections about daily filming using a mobile phones.
Louise Berg- on cyber hate
Quynh Vantu - looking at social contexts through the collective acts of social virtues and etiquette, such as courtesy, humility and compassion.
Matilda Lindström - examining Art as a Catalyst for Social Change in Ghana.
Marjolijn Dijkman - contemporary art in Cameroon.

The session is held in ateljé 2, on the 6th floor of Kåkenhus entrance from Bredgatan. Find your way by looking at the map below. When you enter from Bredgatan, take the lift which is to the left of the green sculpture to the 5th floor and stairs to the 6th.

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