Happy New Year (Again)!

Year of the Horse

Thank you for serpenting with us in this snakeful year. We wish all our Asian (and other) friends happy new year and look forward to a lot of horsing around next year.

Here are some of the highlights in the first few months of the year of the horse:

* February 14, Opening of Maria Ackerfors's exhibition at KSM Lab, The City Museum,  Norrköping.
* March 11-12, Vision Forum Spring Meeting in Norrköping and Linköping in collaboration with Linköpings universitet, Östsam and Flygvapenmuseet in Linköping.
* March 17, collaboration with the Nobel Museum in Stockholm.
* April 6, exhibition of Swedish art and music in Mexico City, in cooperation with Alam + Petrov,  Casa Punk and the Swedish Embassy.
* April 15 to 17, Swedish and international participation in the performance festival "Excentricité" at ISBA in Besancon, France.
* May 11-18, OuUnPo meeting in Sicily in cooperation Fondazione Oriestiadi and Universities in Holland and Germany, with participants from Sweden, Italy, England, Holland, Turkey, France and Macedonia.
* May, Volume, meeting with Swedish and Lebanese artists and scientists in collaboration with 98weeks in Beirut.

To celebrate the year of the horse, we will host our autumn meeting with Boel Zetterman and her horse farm. You can warm up for the event here.