Norrköping Air 2014 Residents Announced

The team of Norrköping Air is happy to announce the selection of artists for the 2014 Residency. We have had a wonderful and inspiring time going through the applications and all the interesting projects that have been submitted. It has been a very difficult journey to decide. We really wish that we could have hosted many more of the projects that were sent in and that we would have had the pleasure of seeing more of the projects realized in Sweden.

After long consideration and much discussion we have decided on three winning projects:

1. American artist and architect Quynh Vantu proposes a project that develops her existing work and that balances between art, design and architecture. We are especially interested in her desire to use light and temperature to further the impression of and movement in space. She writes:

“Architecture is a verb. Active and influx, movement is a generator for spatial experience. Within and outside of walls, the space of architecture is where my research exists, reacts, amplifies, articulates and questions. I am studying the spatial practice of architecture and art, focusing on employing movement as an implementation in design to activate a more engaged spatial condition of experience. Through spatial experiments and installations I seek to engage and provoke interactions of our senses, making evident and amplifying our perceptions of space, time and experience.”

2. The working title for Brasilian born artist Vijai Patchineelam’s work opens space for reflection: “To resist the past, ignore the future and the incapacity of containing the present.” We look forward to seeing how his investigations into the relationship between moving images and objects will be implemented in Norrköping. He writes:

“These interventions would be developed within the specificities of a given site as conceptual starting point. They are deemed conceptual because these interventions later will be displaced to the medium of video to be further reworked. As an example, a possible scenario for these interventions would be something in the line of turning the given utility of a certain space, let us say a garage, into something else, for instance a communal kitchen. The different steps of transformation of the space and its use would be documented.”

3. Like Patchineelam Swedish artist Vanja Sandell Billström will use moving images. We are intrigued by her project “Is it still there?” and by and how she proposes to use moving images to further her research into understanding the boundaries between private life and artistic practice:

“It is not always clear if the images I produce are part of an ongoing working process or if it only is an expression for the need to preserve an experience, of a sunset or someone dancing for example. […] I started to think of what it is that triggers the intention to raise the camera and film something. An activity that has become a part of many peoples every day life.”

For the project she will use and/or collect film footage shot by people using mobile phones to reflect on documenting, filming and acting.

We are very curious to see how this summer’s working session is going to pan out. We are dialoguing with institutions in Norrköping and Östergötland, so that each project will be presented in the best of ways. Each artist will now be working with a curatorial partner to develop the projects. During spring and summer you will be able to follow the development of the work here.

We hope that many of you applied this year will come back with a new or a changed project next year and that you will follow our activities here.