Emma Hedditch at Flat Time House

Throughout the exhibition Antiknow (directed by Jakob Jakobsen) at Flat Time House, a number of artists, poets, writers and therapists have been invited to respond to antiknow using the theatrical infrastructure of the Antiknow installation; speakers, lights and microphones. "you cannot you" is an intimate performance by Emma Hedditch.

"Each person describes their experience of using a camera, they talk about being nervous and worried that when they use the camera it won't work, that it will not record, or that the light or the sound will be bad.

They talk about making things and having a camera but the technical difficulty always appears.

They talk about enjoying time, a lot of time and drifting into making, being alone and making video images and forgetting how long they have been recording, just following and framing and moving through space."

Emma Hedditch is an artist based in New York who often works collaboratively with other artists, groups and individuals, with a commitment to process over products. Her work focuses on daily practice, culture and distribution of knowledge as political actions.

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