“I am a Curator” after 10 years - What Defines an Artistic Practice

Event at David Roberts Art Foundation, London - October 29 at 6.30pm.

In spring 2003 Chisenhale Gallery commissioned Per Huttner to create an exhibition that reflected on collective and collaborative practices and to developed his experimental exhibition practice. The outcome was I am a Curator (IAAC), a project where people from all walks of life came to the gallery for a day to reflect on the complexity of art and exhibition-making. They did so by researching and negotiating the work of 57 artists with the help of a technical and conceptual team.

For the project’s 10-year anniversary, David Roberts Arts Foundation (DRAF) has invited Per Huttner to think about the project and how IAAC has influenced exhibition making.

IAAC, along with a handful of other experimental projects, introduced a practice whereby exhibitions changed throughout the time that they were open to the public. The project also provoked profound questions about artistic identity and its relationship to collectivity. Both shifts, in turn, lead to changed perspectives on the relationship between artworks, exhibitions, curators and artists. In short, IAAC opened a floodgate of problematics that overwhelmed the team working with the project. It is therefore important to revisit these questions after 10 years have passed and to see how they have influenced individual artistic processes and how they can guide us into meaningful future reflections on related issues.

For the event Per Huttner will reflect of the project together with Celine Condorelli, Stephen Whitmarsh and Veronique Wiesinger. You can read Per Hüttner's text here and Stephen Whitmarsh's text here.

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