Speech and What Archive Part Two is Out

The second newspaper that documents Speech and What Archive's  activities is out now. The collage of texts and images starts like this:

"How can we make an account of what we-already- know and what we have-already-said? We look for, as Frances Ferguson says, ‘the aesthetic appreciation of what was never made to be appreciated’. As we mentioned in the first Speech and What Archive newspaper, Ferguson makes a distinction between affect (the production of further responses and consequences) and effect (the manifestation of the visible consequences of what one has already done). Even though we are in daily occurrences with things, and acts and processes that we name quotidian, when we see them in the context of speech, or perhaps more so, public discourse, we can be shocked or more deeply offended to see what we are already well acquainted with! What is embedded in language ‘speaks us’, yet it can be difficult to say again what was just said one moment before.

So in October 2011 the SWA group met together for one whole day in Paris to write down (together) what we had already thought and said. We gathered not to create something, not even transform, but to bring speech back. How did we do it?"

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