Yu-Hsien Lin at KSM Labs May 25 - June 11

Yu-Hsien Lin is a photographer of Taiwanese origin, and temporarily based in Linköping. He is trained as a photographer and studied physics at the National Central University in Taiwan. After finishing his degree, he enrolled in an exchange program and moved to Sweden and Linköping University. During his one-year long stay in Sweden, he works with Vision Form. He writes:

"As a science student, I explored knowledge through observations, experiments and even assumptions. But no matter how exact 'knowledge' we might acquire, we will most likely have to revise it in the future. However, our curiosity can be released or developed during the scientific process. My goal with these images and videos is to approach a similar process when I film/photograph people in my immediate surrounding in Östergötland.

Sometimes I adhere to stereotypes or have a too simplified idea about friends, but over time they always manage to surprise me. I like to investigate and document how they change over time. I used to do so using writing. Now I want see what I can learn by taking photos and recording videos. Video constantly records the real time changes of a person's behavior at the space he/she be filmed but photos shows how my way of looking at the people at the moment I photographed them and also captures how our interaction directly. However, reading photos and videos sometimes brings me a new way of looking at the world that surrounds me.

The subject of my investigation are new friends who live in Norrköping and in Linköping. I set up regular meetings with them, we are simply chatting or doing interviews, I record our process through photographing or filming. I want to continue meeting people in the region and talk to them about their lives, document it with video and still photos to further investigate how people develop over time. I am also very interested in bringing my investigation to an audience in order to see how they are affected by my images. I want to see if my way of seeing the world can affect their way of seeing things."

Opening Saturday, May 25, 14.00 - 16.00.

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