98weeks in Beirut is launching a new public programming initiative giving individuals, collectives or organizations the chance to develop a series of events focused on a chosen research theme. The curator in residency will develop public programming such as workshops, talks, exhibitions and performances over a 3 to 6 months period, in close dialogue with 98weeks’ work and operating model. The heterogeneity and eclecticism of 98weeks echoes ways of existing within the city, and provides an open space for artists and the public. In that sense, 98weeks is looking for proposals that can combine both flexibility and focused research work. There is no specific directive as to how the Project Space can be used, leaving it open to be utilized in different formats. Proposal themes that are in alignment with 98weeks’ research interests and work structure will be given priority. Topics 98weeks has been working with, structurally and thematically, include: feminism, resistance, publications, spatial practices, experimental writing, collaborative work, sound and reading. Stipends and resources are available.  For more information about 98weeks click here.

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