Catastrophe and Heritage in Japan

OuUnPo has chosen two mythical creatures, Godzilla and the Phoenix as a starting point for a 10-day session in Japan. The theme will be a tool to develop the group’s specific working methods in dialogue with local partners. The goal is to use local knowledge to gain a deeper understanding of how renewal and creativity are interlinked. The OuUnPo group will carry out performances, interactive events, research and public presentations in collaboration with local partners June 18-27, 2013. The program is taking shape and you will fine more info about the session here and about OuUnPo in general here.

Also remember that the first OuUnPo publication will finally be released in conjunction with the Japanese session. It documents the session in Porto in April 2012. The book is edited by Claudia Squitieri and Samon Takahashi, designed by Åbäke and published by Dent-de-Leone.