Vision Forum Wishes You all the Best for 2013!



Everyone at Vision Forum wants to thank all of you who have made 2012 such a wonderful and special year. We are looking forward to continue to develop our existing collaborations and to create new and exciting connections and challenges for 2013. To kick off the new year we have some
events in Sweden. Here you can have a look some projects at  KSM-Lab at Norrköping City Museum:

Jenny Boquist, “Bitar av mig” - January 22-27, 2013
Solveig Betnér, “Snyggbygg” - January 28 – February 3, 2013
Aldís Ellertsdóttir – Title TBA -  March 11-25, 2013

For more detailed information and for press images contact at Anette Kindahl at Norrköping City Museum: anette.kindahl (at)