Checkpoint Helsinki is an initiative developed in discussions of art professionals in Finland. Over a hundred actors from the field stand behind the idea of launching a new art organization that commissions and produces art works in Helsinki. The aim is to strengthen and regenerate instead of solely creating completely new. Checkpoint Helsinki doesn’t fund its members’ artistic activities but aims to channel resources and contents through collaboration. During the year 2013 Checkpoint Helsinki’s pilot productions will take place in Helsinki.

Everyone interested in Checkpoint Helsinki’s operation is welcome to make a proposal for the pilot production. Particular attention will be given to emerging international actors who are going to define the field within the years to come. When writing a proposal, please take into consideration and explain what kind of an art production would be meaningful not only in the context of Helsinki but also on an international scale.

Focus of the proposals should be in questioning the structures of art production and furthermore in emphasizing the production of new artworks, acts and happenings. Checkpoint Helsinki has a special interest in subcultures and actors at the grass root level, too. The proposal can be an individual actor, project, movement, exhibition concept or other form of art which hasn’t reached its form yet.

Keep your proposal short and structured and include photos. Remember to argue the meaningfulness of the proposed project and prepare to present it briefly in an open meeting. It is possible to send more than one proposal.
Please send your proposal to info(a) Deadline is Sunday 16.12.

Based on received proposals, a group of actors will be selected and asked to outline a project for the pilot year 2013. Out of these outlines the final set of actors will be selected to actualize their productions during the year 2013 or later. The selection will be made in an open meeting in which everyone interested is welcome to take part to.

The ones taking part in the selection process are required to be engaged in exploring all the proposals and to be active during the whole process. The proposals will be presented and discussed in an open meeting at Restaurant Siltanen (Hämeentie 13 B, Helsinki) on Tuesday 18.12.2012 16:00.

Further information: Communications associate Ilari Laamanen info(a) +358503733657