VISION FORUM AUTUMN MEETING 2012 - September 5-7, 2012.

-->Vision Forum is proud to announce its fifth international workshop with KSM and Östsam in Norrköping, Linköping and Rejmyre September 5-7, 2012. The program contains participants from Macedonia, China, The USA, Germany, France and Italy who will meet local players for inspiration and creation.

This meeting focuses issues related to what it means to be together, a theme that KSM will work with their MA students over the academic year. 

We are looking for leads to how art, thinking and research can reconnect to the everyday experience of their respective audiences. We are very happy to develop the established collaborations in Norrköping and Linköping and pleased to travel to Rejmyre to meet new institutions and local enthusiasts as part of our investigation of the cultural landscape of Östergötland.


5 September

* 6pm - Visit to the exhibition "The Political is Collective- Factions" and presentation by Yane Calovski from presstoexit and OuUnPo along with a sound lecture/performance by Samon Takahashi at Passagen (Linköping). Organised with the Museum of Forgetting.

6 September

* Trip to Rejmyre Artlab (9.30 am - 6pm) with performance by GrossiMaglioni. Booking is essential - contact Anna Berglind: anna.berglind (at) We meet at 9.15 am at Skvallertorget in Norrköping for departure.

* Evening event/dinner at Verkstad (8pm-late) organised by the MA students in Norköping
* A 10 hour Jam musical extravaganza performance by Klas Eriksson, featuring Phinsk Floyd and T He Bodybuilderz. The two bands will start their gig at 12:00 in their rehearsal studio in Stockholm. The gig will have the form of a jam that will travel through time and space. From the rehearsal studio the jam will turn mobile and continue through local transportation to the Central station of Stockholm. From their on they will take the train heading for Norrköping. The whole jam goes from plugged in to mobile and plugged in again, inbetween the two cities of Stockholm and Norrköping. The jam will start at 12:00 in Stockholm and end 22:00 in Norrköping. The whole gig will be recorded.

7 September

* Presentations at the Art Museum i Norrköping (9am -12.30pm).
- Tomas Nordmark talks about his work with the collective Ingrid (Johanna Beckman, John Eriksson, Christian Karlsson, Lykke Li, Peter Morén, Coco Morier, Tomas Nordmark, Nille Perned, Jonas Torvestig, Pontus Winnberg, Andrew Wyatt, Björn Yttling and Joakim Åhlund.).
- Yang Tingting talks about her first full length film The River, produced by Vision Forum Film.
- 'Dementia Precox' performance by Natalia Kamia.
- Olav Westphalen will talk about his work with Flip-Flop Factory that formed a part of Think Again at Mingshen Art Musueum in Shanghai.

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