Assembly Line - Li Xiaofei Solo Exhibition in Shanghai

The product of over several years of work and over 60 factory visits Li Xiaofei's "Assembly Line" series presents a multifaceted exploration of life in the land of manufacturing. The work combines interview-style videos with workers and factory foremen intercut with luscious scenes of factory interiors, spinning wheels, turning cranks and flashing lights.

The show will feature a number of the interview-style videos, plus more atmospheric video works based on the theme of industrial landscapes (depicting rivers of silvery iron ore and majestic smoke stacks), plus a number of photography works which feature the fantastical forms and otherworldly colors of the factory interiors.

This body of work explores a number of interlocking themes including the relationship between labor and management, between man and machine, between the factory and the individual, between the individual and society. At the same time it offers us a privileged view into spaces which we would rarely visit opening a window into the lives of China's 100 million strong manufacturing labour force.

Assembly Line - Li Xiaofei Solo Exhibition 

Exhibition Opening: 5-8pm, Saturday, July 28, 2012

Exhibition date: July 28-September 3, 2012 

Venue: OV Gallery
OV Gallery, 
Room 207, Bldg 4A, 
No. 50 Moganshan Lu, 
by Aomen Lu Putuo, Shanghai

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