Routine for reimbursements of your costs and handling of receipts

Dear Vision Forum member, 

Here you will find information about how to get reimbursed for project expenses and how to organize your receipts. Your expenditures will be reimbursed after you have used up your entire budget for the term and all necessary information has been received (we only do one payment per term).

You post the information to Per:

Per Hüttner
143 Boulevard de Magenta

75010 Paris

Step 1—Receipts:

1. Tape all receipts on A4-sheets and number them.
· See example here: receipts.jpg

2. Make two photocopied sets of these sheet(s).
· Keep one set for your own reference and mail one set to Per along with the original receipts.

3. Make an Excel spreadsheet where you sum up all your costs and convert to Swedish kronor. You can make conversions on here .

· A template that you can use is here: example.xls
· Make sure that the numbers on the receipts from the A4 sheets correspond to the numbers on your list!
· Make two copies of this spreadsheet and mail to Per.

Step 2—Reimbursement:
4. On a separate sheet, include the following information:
· Your name and date of birth/personnummer if you are Swedish
· Your bank's BIC or SWIFT address
· Your bank account's IBAN number 
(If you have a Swedish bank account it suffices to send the account number and the name of the bank. No need for BIC and IBAN.)
· Make two copies of this paper and mail to Per.

5. E-mail your BIC and IBAN to Per: (pah (at) This ensures that the numbers are correct. If you have a Swedish account it suffices to send the account number and the name of the bank.

Please note:

You will be reimbursed for costs related to travel (tickets, accommodation, etc.) and material costs. If you buy inventory (e.g. computer hardware, camera equipment, etc.) this will belong to LiU and will have to be returned when you finish the course.
 Costs for food, web-hotels and domain names will only be reimbursed in special cases. If this is a major part of your project talk to Per.

Step 3—Check list:

All necessary documents that need to be posted to Per should include the following:

1. All original receipts, taped to A4 sheets of paper and numbered
2. One photocopied set of these sheets (remember to make one set for your records!)
3. Two copies of the Excel spreadsheet
4. Two copies of your personal/account information
5. Email your BIC/IBAN to Per

Once the information is received and in correct order, Per will transfer funds to your account.
If you do not follow the above, your documents will be returned to you for completion. 

If you have any questions, send an e-mail to Per—Good Luck!