Vision Forum Film

Vision Forum Film is Vision Forum's youngest research field and has been active since spring 2011. It has been started with the specific situation in Östergötland in mind and to develop its relationship to the capital region of Stockholm. Within the region there is great talent fostered. But there is little support or possibility to grow in the region. We have therefore set up this research to stimulate film making in the region and to develop dialogue with the capital region and the international network in Vision Forum.

We see that film has immense potential to facilitate international exchange, something that can also be clearly seen in the history of film. Vision Forum Film builds on the existing networks in the organisation in order to facilitate these international dialogues.

We are specifically interested in film productions that crossover genres and/or productions that allows film and visual art to dialogue . Vision Forum has previously been particularly successful in creating meetings between visual art and music, visual art and science and visual art and drama and builds on these experiences and contacts.

More info about Vision Forum Film here.